Sonnet Corona—The Andalusians

The Andalusians
Old Empire of the Romans has Allah
Consumed by the Muslim’s rapid expansion
Also, large parts of India and Persia
Not to forget China and the Balkans
The Islamic presence in Spain began in
711c.e. When the strights of Gibraltar ‘tis
Crossed by a force of Arab soldiers herein
A late stage in Islamic expansion, Isis
In just under a century, all Roman lands
with Persia and India is a reconstituted
New empire — Andalusia is Moorlands
Little resistence from Christians and Jews
al-Andalus, has now been formally born
In Iberia the Andalusians will adorn
In Iberia the Andalusians will thrive
The new libraries and colleges of Spain
Caliphs collect books re-born or are deprived
Best scholars, rarest literary talents entrain
Arabs call this area al-Andalus
Cordoba and not Toledo is chosen
As a fitting capital for a people
All speak Arabic, Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Cultural fusion and intermarriage saves
As the intelligensia build grand customs
The glory is its library and archives
The culture has a soft clash no ugly phantoms
Civil war did break the Caliphate down
Rising were taifa courts filled with thinkers renown

Rising were taifa courts filled with thinkers renown
Great thinkers included Jews, and even Christians
Yet an uneasy balance was a rubdown
Particularly in the northern commons
The Reconquista was Christian Reconquest
An important force in shaping the culture
Taifa states at times hostile toward each other
A crack between Christian and Muslims fractures
The Reconquista’s aura of Holy War
The era of Crusades in the Holy Land
Indulgences, pardons given in God’s War
Same benefits given those fighting inland
In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries with war Christian Armies in Spain fight for their savior
Christian Armies in Spain fight for their savior
Christians now come to aid Christian monarchs
They come to fight the infidel for closure
A cripling blow in twelve-twelve against Islam
The Muslim state tried but failed to recover
Soon after only Granada survived
The Christian presence increased in power
Fourteen hundred and ninety two—arrived
Alliances not enough to postpone inevitable
Last Muslim ruler Boabdil is exiled
Ferdinand and Isabella solve the puzzle
Take Alhambra, a paradise known erstwhile
This marks the end of the Moorish Arabs
Yet their culture remains protected by cherubs


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